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Current Available Topics


Each lecture is about 50 minutes in length with a brief Q & A at the conclusion. Lectures are prepared as a Power Point Presentation. I will have a laptop; the society will need to provide a projector and screen. I will provide a master copy of the Handout; it will be up to the Society to make and provide handouts to those who attend. Please contact me to discuss fees, time and program.

  • 7 Keys to Unlock your Family History: Fundamentals in Genealogical Research.

Everyone has a story to tell.The basics of conducting genealogy research are reviewed, including documenting sources, identifying local, regional, national, and international resources, using genealogy software, researching on the web.


  • Proving your Pedigree: The Genealogical Proof Standard in Action

The serious Genealogist or Family Historian desires to produce a truthful, correct, accurate, credible Pedigree and Family Group Record. The Genealogical Proof Standard or GPS is a methodology which, if used, will produce a credible work not only for the professional but also for the family genealogist as well. For many genealogists, the GPS can seem daunting, however, when properly understood it will give confidence that their research is sound and credible. This presentation shows how to use the GPS alongside the research cycle to prove your Pedigree.


  • We will Remember Them: Keys to find your ancestor in U.S. Military Records

Almost every family, in one generation or another, can find one member or perhaps more, who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Military records provide not only genealogical information, but they can provide the Family Historian a glimpse into their ancestor’s life while serving in the Military.


  • The dash between the years: Turning Facts into a Story

Genealogists accumulate a lot of facts, which begin to weave together a story – a story that the rest of the world wants to hear. Three simple Keys: Understanding the Facts; How to organize the facts; Understanding the stories are simple.


  • A Footnote in History: The story of Captain Frederick Tresca

Through genealogical research, uncover the truth from lore of Captain Tresca from his French birth, arriving in Key West in 1830,  the founding of Manatee County, the running Blockades of the Union Army to talking the Confederate Secretary of State, Judah Benjamin to the Bahamas.


  • Where the Records are, there’s a document waiting for you!

People are acquainted with the websites such as FamilySearch, Ancestry, Find My Past and others used for genealogical research. However, additional online resources are available to those who are researching their Family Tree - the State Archives.Rue Lynn will present how to use State Archives and Libraries, the treasures that can be found in these archives, and the resources available at Historical/Genealogical Societies.

Customized Topics Available


I can develop a new presentation to meet the needs of your organization.  Please contact me to discuss topics, fees, time and program.

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