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“Every family tree is full of people and stories — some we remember and cherish, some we know very little about, and some we might just as soon forget.”

Let's unlock Your Story!



Every Family History project is unique. Each project is designed to meet the the individual needs of the client and his or her desired research goals.  Projects, reports and research follow the Genealogical Proof Standard as outlined by the Board for Certification of Genealogists. No matter how thorough the research is, it is never possible to guarantee the results.   



I am available to speak at your next seminar or society meeting. Lectures are designed to educate, inspire and challenge the audience. I am able to customize lectures to your society’s needs and budget.  


What I do

Connecting Generations through Stories

Every family story is noteworthy, unique and common all at the same time.


Whether your story begins in Europe or in the South Pacific, with your ancestors arriving in the Americas on the Mayflower or on a 747, it is a natural for us to yearn to know the story of who we are and where we came from - to connect to the past generations.


Everyone has a story to know and to tell; no one can benefit more from knowing and telling than YOU!

With over twenty years of genealogical research, I am here to help you find your story. 


Let me help you find and tell your story!



1706 Sanderling Court

Brandon, FL 33511

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